Journal Lectures

Since 1998, the Editors of The Economic Journal have invited world-class economists to give a Lecture at the annual Royal Economic Society Conference. The lectures are often subsequently published in The Economic Journal.


David Autor
Untangling Trade and Technology: Evidence from Local Labor Markets (webcast of full lecture)


Raquel Fernandez
Female Labour Force Participation and Marital Instability (webcast of full lecture)

Hear Raquel discuss her research in a short interview taken at the RES Conference 2013


Elhanan Helpman (view webpage)
Trade and Inequality (webcast)


Vincent Crawford (view webpage)
Efficient Mechanisms for Level-k Bilateral Trading (webcast)


Carmen Reinhart (view webpage)
The Forgotten History of Domestic Debt, Economic Journal, Vol 121, p319


Gilles Saint-Paul (view webpage)
Endogenous Indoctrination: Occupational Choices, the Evolution of Beliefs and the Political Economy of Reforms Economic Journal,Vol. 120, p325


Hyun Song Shin (view webpage)
Securitisation and Financial Stability Economic Journal, Vol. 119, p309


Abhijit Banerjee (view webpage)
Theory and Practice in Anti-corruption Policies


Narayana Kocherlakota (view webpage)
Household Heterogeneity and Real Exchange Rates Economic Journal, Vol. 117, pC1


Ariel Rubinstein (view webpage)
A Skeptic's Comment on the Study of Economics Economic Journal, Vol. 116, pC1


Douglas Bernheim (view webpage)
Memory and Anticipation Economic Journal, Vol. 115, p271


Steven D Levitt (view webpage)
Why are Gambling Markets Organized so Differently than Financial Markets? Economic Journal, Vol. 114, p223


S Ghosal and M Miller (view webpage Ghosal, Miller )
Co-ordination Failure, Moral Hazard and Sovereign Bankruptcy Procedures  Economic Journal, Vol. 113, p276

M Obstfeld and A M. Taylor (view webpage Obstfeld, Taylor)
Sovereign Risk, Credibility, and the Gold Standard: 1870-1913 versus 1925-31 Economic Journal, Vol. 113, p241


P Carneiro and J J Heckman (view webpage Carneiro, Heckman)
The Evidence on Credit Constraints in Post-secondary Schooling Economic Journal, Vol.112, p705


Avner Greif (view webpage)
Institutions and Economic Development: Reflection from the late medieval commercial revolution


A Case, I-F Lin and S McLanahan (view webpage Case, McLanahan)
How Hungry is the Self Gene Economic Journal, Vol.110, p781


J Heaton and D Lucas (view webpage Heaton, Lucas)
Portfolio Choice in the Presence of Background Risk Economic Journal,Vol.110, p1

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