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The Annual Public Lecture

This initiative by the RES aims to bring the best communicators in the economics profession into contact with a wide public and to show the importance of top-quality economic research. Aimed principally at sixth form students of Economics but of interest to all, the Annual Public Lectures have become an established part of the senior school calendar as well as open to the general public. You can watch or download most of the lectures from the links below.

2016 Annual Public Lecture

Diary Note: 2016 Public Lecture: "In Search of the Perfect Match- the economics of picking our partners and jobs" will be given by Professor Philipp Kircher and held at the Royal Institution London on 29th November 2016 and 30th November 2016 at the University of Manchester.

"Finding the right match is important in the labour market - but also in the 'marriage market'. While economics might not always know whom businesses and people desire most, it offers valuable lessons on whom they will eventually be able to get. And while discussion of labour markets typically focuses on unemployment, an important new question has emerged about how many people are in the ‘wrong’ job - jobs that either use too few of their skills or require too much. This lecture will convey key insights from economics on the search for workers, jobs and life partners".

Tickets will be on sale from 12th September 2016. More details to follow soon. 

2015 Annual Public Lecture

"Does Starbucks Pay Enough Tax? - How and Why We Tax Large Multinational Firms" was given by Professor Rachel Griffith, CBE, FBA on 24 Nov at the Royal Institution Faraday Theatre, London and 3 December at The Whitworth, University of Manchester.

A video of this lecture can be viewed here:


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