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The Annual Public Lecture

This initiative by the RES aims to bring the best communicators in the economics profession into contact with a wide public and to show the importance of top-quality economic research. Aimed principally at sixth form students of Economics but of interest to all, the Annual Public Lectures have become an established part of the senior school calendar as well as the general public. You can watch or download most of the lectures from the links below.

The 2014 RES Public lecture will be given on 25 November 2014 at the Royal Institution, London and 26 November at the University of Liverpool, by Stephanie Flanders, former BBC Economics Editor and now J.P. Morgan Asset Management's chief market strategist for the UK and Europe. More details on how to get tickets will be published to this site by September.

 The 2013 RES Public lecture was given by Tim Harford, author and 'undercover economist' for the FT who explored our understanding of Macroeconomics in a lecture entitled "How to Run - or ruin- an economy" given at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, London on 28 November 2013. The RES widened outreach of this event by providing live online screening for remote participants across the UK and the world.

Watch the 2013 Tim Harford lecture here at no cost as part of the RES aim to communicate the importance of economic research.

About the lecture
Macroeconomics is the study of the big picture in economics – of how unemployment, inflation, the deficit, imports and exports all link together to form one colossal system. Understanding that system is obviously important – but how much progress have we really made since 1949?

In his lecture Tim Harford weaves together the amazing story of economist Bill Phillips with the equally amazing story of macroeconomics, as he explores how much we’ve learned about running – or ruining – economies.  Read more about the Phillips Machine that once explained the economy
Download poster.                    Watch the 2013 Tim Harford Lecture HERE

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