Governance and Structure

The Society has two key bodies: the Council and the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee

is the governing body of the Society, and consists of the following trustees:
Immediate Past President
Editors (up to three)
Secretaries (Secretary General & Second Secretary/Deputy Secretary General)
and at least five Councillors who are not Officers.

Other members may be co-opted by the Council, and currently the Conference Committee Secretary, the Chairman of CHUDE (Conference of Heads of University Departments of Economics) and the Chairperson of the Women's Committee have been so co-opted.
The Executive Committee  meets at least three times a year and is responsible for the formulation and execution of the Society's policy, and for the coordination of the activities of all of its Officers.

The Council of the Society

has a supervisory and advisory role. It meets at least once a year and consists of: President, President-Elect and Immediate Past President (co-opted), Treasurer, Secretaries and thirty elected Councillors (of whom at least five are appointed to the Executive Committee). 
The Council makes policy subject to the AGM and its members may assist the Executive with the development and business of the Society through working groups, currently focusing on Strategy; Journals; Academic Affairs; Press & Media; Education, Training & Schools and Outreach (Links with other Professional Bodies).

Current list of Council members.

List of Council members since 1974

Read more on the process of annual election to Council by the members of the Society.

President(s):  A President-elect is chosen by the Council, after a nominations process in which all members are invited to make recommendations. Once ratified at the AGM, the President-elect serves for one year before becoming President.
In 2016 the Executive Committee recommended to Council to alter the terms of the Presidents. This was agreed by Council and brought to the members at the Annual General Meeting 2016. Three Presidents now serve at any one time for a three year term, firstly as President-elect, then as President and finally as Immediate Past President.   The President chairs both the Executive Committee and the Council.  Other responsibilities are shared.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting usually takes place during the RES Annual Conference. All members of the Society are invited to attend and notice of business is mailed to them in advance of the meeting. An annual report is presented by the Secretary-General and the audited Annual Accounts are provided. The formal election of the new members of Council and, where appropriate, the President takes place.

Agenda, Papers and Minutes of Annual General Meetings will be found below.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held during the RES Conference at the University of Sussex on Tuesday 27 March 2018 at 12.30pm. All members of the RES are cordially invited to attend. Registration for the Conference is not required. It will be held in the Jubilee Building, Lecture Theatre 144. Notice of the meeting, including the Agenda Papers 2018 can be found in the link below. This has also been sent to all members at least 10 days prior to the meeting.

Papers from Annual General Meetings (includes approved minutes of previous year)

Annual Report of the Secretary General

Annual Accounts & Trustee Report

RES Office

The Royal Economic Society is a registered charity No. 231508 & a charity registered in Scotland: No. SCO43245. VAT Registration: 214168584.
The Office of the Royal Economic Society is currently based at the University of St Andrews but will be moving during 2017 to new offices at 2 Dean Street, Smith Square, London, SW1P 3HE. The Secretary General is Professor Denise Osborn. The full address can be found in the Contact Us section.

If you have any queries about the Society, please feel free to contact the Society Operations Manager at

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