The Economic Journal Ethics Policy

Publication and Submission Ethics

Double Submissions and Plagiarism

Submission of an article is taken as an implicit agreement that this is original work by the authors, free of fabrication or falsification. This or substantively similar work is not under submission to another academic publication, nor will it be submitted elsewhere while under consideration by the EJ. Submitters declare that they fully referenced and described all relevant related work they are aware of.

All co-authors share joint responsibility for content of the research and the submitted manuscript. Other significant contributors to the research are to be acknowledged as such on the manuscript.

Conflict of Interest

Any sources of research funding are to be acknowledged on the manuscript. At the point of submission, each author should reveal any financial or other interests or connections that might raise any question of bias in the work reported or the conclusions. This declaration will be held in confidence by the editors during the review process and after rejection of a manuscript. It will become part of the published article in the case of acceptance.


In cases where this ethics policy is clearly violated, the editors reserve the right to impose an initial three to five year ban from submission to the journal for all authors in cases of first offences. The editors will assess instances on a case-by-case basis but follow COPE guidelines. The EJ will institute permanent bans from submission for repeat offenders.

The Board of Managing Editors will jointly evaluate potential cases of violation of this rule and decide upon the appropriate action in case a violation is confirmed.

Please consult the editors in case any questions arise.

The EJ Editorial Policy

Peer Review, Confidentiality, and Editorial Handling

The overall guiding principle is that the editors are obliged to comply with best practice and recuse themselves from any potential situation where any conflict of interest could arise.
Examples of conflict of interest include (but are not limited to):

  1.  Managing Editors are recused from papers involving current colleagues and graduate students at the same institution regardless of department.
  2. Managing Editors are recused from papers involving co-authors of current papers or papers published less than 5 years ago.
  3. Managing Editors are recused from papers involving students that they advised within the last 10 years.
  4. Managing Editors are recused from papers involving a family member or any other close personal of professional relationship which would potentially create a conflict of interest.

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