The RES aims to support teaching and learning in Economics in schools and universities:

The RES is also keen to promote data, reports, articles, training workshops, summer schools etc organised by other organisations. Below is a list of links to training events we are aware of:

  • The Bank of England would like to raise awareness of articles from their Quarterly Bulletin as potential teaching resources for undergraduate / Masters-level economics and finance courses. Bulletin articles explore topics relating to the economy and economic policy. They are intended to be as succinct and avoid the use jargon where possible while explaining the underlying economics in a reasonable amount of depth. Further information on teaching resources from the BoE is available here or from
  • CEMMAP: The Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice, an ESRC Research Centre.  Cemmap develops and applies methods for modelling individual behaviour, the influences on it and the impact of policy interventions.  Cemmap conducts research and organises conferences, symposia, workshops and training courses. Academic and professional economists and social scientists from the UK and abroad are welcome at cemmap events.Cemmap organises workshops and symposia, to discuss ongoing research and spur continuing development of research methods and practice. They welcome collaborations and frequently organise events with leading institutions from the UK and abroad. .For more details go to
  • Timberlake training courses in statistics and econometrics (Stata). All courses utilise components of the OxMetrics software family, including Ox, STAMP, PcGive, and G@RCH, covering both theory and practice during hands-on sessions. This is a link to their current training calendar For more details go to
  • New resources
    National Student Survey results for Economics up to 2015
    • New case study: A Simulator for Teaching Macroeconomics at Undergraduate Level, Aleks Angelov and Aleksander Vasilev, American University in Bulgaria (published February 2016)
    • Updated: Guide to blogging in Economics, 2016 version by Martin Poulter
    Map of the birthplaces of more than 5000 economists, Martin Poulter - to access, click 'run' and wait a moment, then click a dot to see name and year

Latest training events: 

Any organisation wishing us to post links to sites with more information about training events in Economics is encouraged to contact us.

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