The Economics Network

The Economics Network  aims to enhance the quality of learning and teaching throughout the higher education economics community. 

"By providing additional support to lecturers and students alike, [the Economics Network] plays an invaluable role in furthering the university study of economics.” - Sir Charles Bean, RES President and Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England.

The Economics Network is supported by the Royal Economic Society, the Scottish Economic Society and 37 UK higher education economics departments. If your department is not yet part of this community please see the EN website for more information about benefits and how to join.

Some of the benefits for EN subscribers:

  • Priority access, booking and prices for all Network events, including free workshops for early careers academics, the Developments in Economics Education conference and thematic one day conferences.
  • Advice, support and consultancy for internal departmental workshops and away days.
  • Liaison with subscribing institutions' central training programmes to negotiate part exemption for individuals' attending the Network's early careers workshops.
  • Opportunities to take part in Network research activities, e.g. our current two-year collaborative research project on students' expectations and behaviour under the new funding regime.
  • Join the EN/RES community in promoting economics as a discipline including: encouraging the study of economics and discussing and critically reviewing economics curricula.
  • Publish content: As an individual, you can: Add a case study to our Ideas Bank; Submit a paper to International Review of Economics Education; Submit an article to the Economic Review
  • Please visit the EN website to find out more about the benefits of subscribing to the Network.
  • Other things the EN can assist with:
  • The Economics Network offers a range of departmental visits and workshops at no charge as well as national and international events.Contact the EN for more details.
  • The EN  conducts regular surveys to research the current state of teaching and learning in Economics Higher Education in the UK including National Surveys of Economics Lecturers. A main objective of this survey is to clarify current practices and issues of concern to Economics lecturers and their students. An executive summary and full report are available on their site.For further information go to the Economics Network website

The Economics Network also hosts sites and provides other resourceswhich support student learning, including:

Take a look here to see more about the EN.

Latest from the EN

Employers Survey 2014-2015.  The fourth survey by the EN aims to improve understanding of the skills and knowledge economics graduates require to be effective in the workplace. This research was conducted with the support of the Government Economic Service and the Society of Business Economists. Read more.

Teaching resources for early career lecturers and teaching assistants:

Spring 2016 New Lecturers Workshop & Early Careers Teaching Symposium
Venue: University of Westminster Business School
Dates: 14 April (New Lecturers) and 15 April (New Lecturers and GTAs)

An interactive two-day event for new lecturers focused on effective and innovative economics teaching.
The first day is intended exclusively for lecturers who have recently been employed in an economics (or related) department. The second day is also open to graduate teaching assistants.

This event combines the new lecturers workshop (previously run in October) with the early careers teaching symposium, which we first ran in April 2014.
• The first day (starting at 9.30am), for new lecturers, will consist of the main new lecturers programme (with sessions on effective large group teaching, assessment and feedback, using games in the classroom, and synthesising teaching and research). There will be a dinner at the end of the first day for workshop attendees.
• The second day (starting at 9am), which is also open to GTAs, will be a more interactive, practice-based day with sessions on teaching specific economics topics, voice and presence in the classroom (with a professional actor) and developing students' skills (with Andy Ross, former Deputy Director of the Government Economic Service).

For further information and to book a place, please visit the Economics Network's website at:

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