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The Economics Network is an organisation which provides publications, events and other resources to support university teachers of economics throughout the UK and worldwide. The EN is a web of contacts throughout the country connecting teachers working in a wide variety of institutions. A network that catalyses the spread of new techniques and better teaching within economics.

The Economics Network is supported by the Royal Economic Society, the Scottish Economic Society and 37 UK higher education economics departments. If your department is not yet part of this community please see the EN website for more information about benefits and how to join.

The Economics Network offers a range of departmental visits and workshops at no charge as well as national and international events.Contact the EN for more details.

The EN also conducts regular surveys to research the current state of teaching and learning in Economics Higher Education in the UK including National Surveys of Economics Lecturers. A main objective of this survey is to clarify current practices and issues of concern to Economics lecturers and their students. An executive summary and full report are available on their site.
For further information go to the Economics Network website

The Economics Network also hosts sites which support student learning, including

Take a look here to see more about the EN.

Latest from the EN

Teaching resources for early career lecturers and teaching assistants

See Events page for Project Workshop on Acdemic Self-Efficacy and Learning in Higher Education

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