Replication Policy

That results are easily replicated is commonly regarded as being central importance and as an integral and essential part of any and all scientific investigation.

The Econometrics Journal now will only publish papers if there is complete, transparent and precise documentation for the data used in the analysis and these data are easily available to any researcher for purposes of replication. The Econometrics Journal requires that all empirical and simulation results must be replicable.

Authors of accepted papers that contain empirical work or simulation results must provide The Econometrics Journal before publication, all data, any programs used and a detailed description of all computations to enable replication to be undertaken easily and straightforwardly. This material will be posted alongside the article on the Wiley online library. The Editorial Board of The Econometrics Journal reserves the right to refuse publication of those papers whose authors do not comply with these requirements. Submission indicates that you license users to download, copy, and modify this material. Users of the material must acknowledge all authors as the original creators and The Econometrics Journal as the original publishers.

The Editorial Board of The Econometrics Journal is cognizant that some practical difficulties may arise in practice with access to some data and programs. Requests for exemptions from providing materials or restricting their usage should be stated clearly at first submission. The Editorial Board will review whether the submission can be considered further. No exceptions will be considered later in the editorial and publication process.

As soon as possible after acceptance, authors are expected to send, in electronic form, any data and programs together with sufficient detailed documentation to permit replication to the Editorial Office of The Econometrics Journal at Files should be sent via e-mail indicating the manuscript number of the accepted paper. Questions regarding any aspect of this policy should be forwarded to the Editorial Office at the same email address.

Empirical and Simulation Results

For econometric and simulation papers authors should provide at least:

  • Data. All data must be provided in ASCI (text) file format that can be read on any computer system. Proprietary formats, e.g., those not portable across machines, are not acceptable but they may be provided in addition to the ASCII files if access to the data is thereby made easier.
  • Programs. Any programs used to run models in the final accepted version of the paper must be provided. Programs can be written in any standard programming language (including higher-level languages).
  • Data and program readme files. All datasets must be accompanied by a readme file which should provide all the information needed to make use of the data, i.e., how many observations, what each variable is, how the data are organized in the data files and the sources from which the data were taken. It should also include a description of how previous intermediate data sets and programs were employed to create the final data set(s). The readme files must describe the purpose of each data set and program.

Description files should be provided in .pdf format.

Proprietary or Confidential Data

The Econometrics Journal discourages papers that rely on completely proprietary data. Any author who feels that their paper might constitute an exception should forward the case to the Editorial Office. Papers that are based on data that is only available at some cost (either monetary or because access to the data is limited, e.g., at a National Statistics office) may be considered. For such cases, the authors are still required to provide all programs and instructions a researcher would require to replicate their results if the researcher has access to the data. The source of the data must be described in enough detail so that researchers can apply to obtain access to them.


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