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19-26 July
Cambridge, UK

2014 Econometrics Summer School at the University of Cambridge, comprising a series of three, 2.5-day courses running consecutively between 19-26 July 2014. The courses will be delivered by experienced, leading econometricians from the University of Cambridge: Prof. Andrew Harvey, Prof. Sean Holly and Dr. Melvyn Weeks.

Timberlake summer schools are  a fantastic opportunity for students, academics and professionals to expand their econometrics skills and learn how they can apply econometrics from econometricians pioneering research at the forefront of their specialist fields. In addition, participants can also take advantage of the spectacular Cambridge surroundings.

All courses will teach econometrics from an applied perspective and demonstrate the techniques in the internationally used econometric software packages of Stata 13, EViews 8 and OxMetrics 7 (STAMP).

Find  out more and register for the course by contacting the TImberlake sales and training team either by email:, phone: +44 (0) 20 8697 3377 or by filling out an online registration form.

24-26 July 
Cambridge, UK

2014 Econometrics Summer School at the University of Cambridge.Professor Andrew C. Harvey delivers Time Series Analysis & Modelling. This two and a half day course will show how economic and financial time series can be modelled and analysed paying particular attention to state space methods (utilising the STAMP software package).

Contact: Email:, phone: +44 (0) 20 8697 3377 or online


21 July - 8th August
Coventry, UK

Warwick Economics Summer School.  The Department of Economics at The University of Warwick (Coventry) is launching its first Warwick Economics Summer School, a three week programme which will run from July 21st – August 8th 2014. The Summer School is aimed at current undergraduates studying Economics and the courses available will be taught by world leading Economists including Nick Crafts, Andrew Oswald and Ariel Rubinstein. There is also an inspirational programme of evening speakers including Lord Gus O'Donnell, the former Cabinet Secretary and Head of the UK Civil Service and Lord Robert Skidelsky. It is an excellent opportunity for students to further enhance their skills and knowledge in Economics through studying at one of the leading Economics departments in Europe.

Courses include Core Courses, Specialist Courses and Principles of Economics, taught in a non-technical way, to provide the fundamental principles of Economics to anyone curious about Economics.

To apply or for further details go to the website:


September 1-5

London, UK

The Stata Autumn School at Cass Business School, London, comprises a series of five, advanced 1-day courses delivered by experienced biostatisticians from the London School of Hyigene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM): Dr. Jonathan Bartlett, Dr. Ula Nur and Dr. Bianca De Stavola. Each course will include an initial introduction to the topic followed by hands-on examples. There will also be plenty of time dedicated to interpretation of the results, discussion of assumptions and comparison of approaches.
This is a great opportunity for students, academics and professionals to expand their statistical skills and learn how they can apply statistics from biostatisticians at the forefront of their specialist fields.

Full course information including price and registration from official Stata distributors TImberlake:

September 3

Norwich, UK

When Student Confidence Clicks: Academic Self-Efficacy and Learning in Higher Education.
Free Project Workshop aimed at teachers and academic developers in HE.

Venue: UEA campus – Norwich, UK
Date and Time: Wed 3 Sep 2014 – 10am-4pm
Full details and a link to the registration form for the Project Workshop are available from the Project Website:
or by contacting the Workshop organiser Dr Fabio Arico email

September 11-12
London, UK

20th London Stata Users Group Meeting
The Stata Users Group Meeting is a two-day international conference where the use of Stata is discussed across a wide-ranging breadth of fields and environments. Established in 1995, the UK meeting is the longest-running series of Stata Users Group Meetings. The meeting is open to everyone. In past years, participants have travelled from around the world to attend the event. Representatives from StataCorp will also be in attendance.

To register, contact us either by email:, phone: +44 (0) 20 8697 3377 or by visiting us online: .uk

September 17-19
Durham, UK

Money, Macro and Finance Research Group 46th Annual Conference
Invited Speakers Douglas Gale (Imperial College London) Seppo Honkapohja (Bank of Finland) Rafael Wouters (National Bank of Belgium)
MMF Special Lecture Mike Wickens (University of York)
Special Policy Session Scottish Independence Referendum
Special Session Human Capital and Growth
Further information is available through the conference website at

September 17-19, 2014

Oxford, UK

Second Conference on "Rational Inattention and Related Theories”.
The conference is organised by Martin Ellison, Filip Matejka, and Tim Willems. Confirmed participants include Fernando Alvarez (U of Chicago), Andrew Caplin (NYU), Chris Sims (Princeton), and Mirko Wiederholt (Goethe University Frankfurt).

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