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2014 Annual Conference  View films of 2014 Conference lectures on RES YouTube

2014 Annual Conference Report by Ryan Avent of The Economist

Additional resources from 2014 conference


2013 Annual Conference  View films of 2013 Conference lectures on RES YouTube

2013 Annual Conference Report by Richard Davies of The Economist


2012 Annual Conference Details View Keynote lectures on RES  YouTube

2012 Annual Conference Report by Sam Fleming of The Times


2011 Annual Conference Details

2011 Annual Conference Report (PDF) by Aditya Chakrabortty of The Guardian.

Interview with Claudio Borio, (Recorded April 2010)


2010 Annual Conference Details

2010 Annual Conference Report (PDF) by John O’Sullivan of The Economist


2009 Annual Conference Details

2009 Annual Conference Report (PDF) by Saugato Datta of The Economist


2008 Annual Conference Details

2008 Annual Conference Report (PDF) by Tim Harford of The Financial Times


2007 Annual Conference Details

2007 Annual Conference Report (PDF) by Mario Pisani (HM Treasury)


2006 Annual Conference Details (archive coming soon)

2006 Annual Conference Report (PDF) by Chris Giles of The FinancialTimes


2005 Annual Conference Details (archive coming soon)

2005 Annual Conference Report (PDF) by Heather Stewart


2004 Annual Conference Details (archive coming soon)

2004 Annual Conference Report (PDF) by David Warsh


2003 Annual Conference Details

2003 Annual Conference Report (PDF) by Richard Reeves

Conference Programme

The conference programme is now available.

Information for Delegates

See General Information for details about attending the Conference, and Our Manchester for highlights of places to visit.

Register for the Conference

Registration is now closed. Check in when you arrive at the Conference.. Full details


Book accommodation through our partner Visit Manchester.

PhD Student Support

Details on financial support for PhD students can be found here.

Claim form for PhD financial support can be found here.


The Programme Chair (James Banks, Manchester) and the Local Organiser (Ralf Becker, Manchester) can be contacted on RES.conference.2015

If you are a publisher interested in promotional opportunities at RES events, then please contact the RES Conference & Events Assistant Alice Beckett at res.conference2015

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