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The Royal Economic Society organises events and activities and provides financial and other resources to support the education, training and career development of economists.

Summary of financial support

Summary of main activities

Undergraduate Economists

The Society supports the Economics Network, which provides a wealth of resources to undergraduate Economics students. Check out both and, for advice, help and information for current and prospective Economics undergraduates. You will also find helpful guidance on careers for Economics graduates.

Support for Undergraduate Economists

Academic Economists and Departments of Economics

The Society supports economics research and teaching in higher education. Research is supported through; the publication of the Economic Journal and of the Econometrics Journal; the RES Annual Conference; and through a variety of funding schemes and other activities. Academics and their departments are also supported through CHUDE and the RES Women’s Committee.

Support for Academic Economists.

Young Economists

The principal activities of the Society aimed at young economists in the latter stages of secondary school are the Young Economist of the Year competition. The annual  essay writing competition seeks to encourage the imaginative application of A level/IB study to topical issues, and the RES Annual Public Lecture, through which some of the very best communicators in the economics profession demonstrate the importance of top-quality economics research. Recently the Society has widened its outreach considerably by live streaming our lectures to schools across the UK and the world, allowing remote audiences to participate live with question and answer sessions. See webcasts.

In 2017 the RES are working with the Economics Network (EN) to launch the inaugural Undergraduate Video Competition. The aim of the video competition is to explore how economics can be used to understand the real world and to communicate economic insights in a clear and intelligible way. For more information on the Undergraduate Video Competition click here.

The Economics Network, (EN) a UK-wide national resource for the study and teaching of economics is supported both by the RES and UK Universities through CHUDE. It provides resources to support students and university teachers of economics throughout the UK as well as hosting websites, events and teaching workshops. EN resources for young economists include the ‘Why Study Economics?  and Studying Economics? websites for students of economics.
View the latest research on economics education from the EN, including reports on undergrad degrees


Support & Resources for Young Economists

Postgraduate Economists and PhD students

The Society provides a wide variety of support to PhD students and other postgraduate economists, including: the RES Junior Fellowship Scheme, RES Training Schools and the RES Presentation Meeting and Job Market.
Read more about resources for postgraduate economists in other sections of the RES website  including job listings and sources of economic data.

Student membership is available to new members only who are registered as full-time students and includes subscriptions to the Economic Journal and Econometrics Journal as well as many other benefits.  The discounted student rate is available for 3 years, and we are now offering a reduced online-only rate.

Junior Research Fellowships are available each year and a network of early career researchers is being developed. If you are interested in being part of this network please contact the RES office.

Support for Postgraduates and PhD students.

Professional Economists

The Society has a number of links with professional economists working outside the more narrowly-defined academic community. Many Society activities are intended to be of interest and benefit to professional economists and others, including: the Public Lecture and the Policy Lecture series, the PhD Meeting and Job Market, the Annual Conference, the Journal publications, Media Briefings, online webcasts and other web-based resources.

Support for Professional Economists