The Austin Robinson Memorial Prize

The Austin Robinson Memorial Prize

Launched in 2007, this annual prize is awarded for the best non-solicited paper published in The Economic Journal by an author who has completed their PhD in the last five years. The winner, selected by the Editors of the EJ, is awarded £2000.

The Austin Robinson Prize commemorates the contribution of made by Sir Austin Robinson (1897-1993) to both economics and The Economic Journal . Educated at Cambridge, Robinson became a fellow of Sidney Sussex College. He made a significant contribution to the field of applied economics. In 1942 he acted as Economic Adviser at the War Cabinet, and later worked as adviser to the Board of Trade under Sir Stafford Cripps before returning to his position at Cambridge. Robinson worked tirelessly for the Economic Journal, beginning as Assistant Editor under John Maynard Keynes in 1934. In 1944 he took up the role of Joint Editor alongside Roy Harrod, and a year later became secretary of the Royal Economic Society, positions he held until his retirement in 1970. During his 36 years at the Economic Journal, Robinson proof read approximately 30,000 pages, wrote about 6000 short notes on books, published around 1000 articles and 3000 reviews. Robinson received a knighthood in 1975.

Further Reading

• Alex Cairncross, ‘Austin Robinson’, Economic Journal, 104 (July), 1994, 903-915. JSTOR

Economic Journal: Essays in Honour of Austin Robinson, 82, No. 325 (Mar), 1972 JSTOR

• List of papers by Sir Austin Robinson held in Cambridge Libraries

2017 Award

The 2017 Austin Robinson Memorial Prize was awarded to Josephine Duh and Dean Spears for their article 'Health and Hunger: Disease, Energy Needs, and the Indian Calorie Consumption Puzzle'.

2016 Award

The 2016 Austin Robinson Memorial Prize was awarded to Sergey Nigai (ETH Zurich) at the Royal Economic Society's 2017 Conference for his article: 'On Measuring the Welfare Gains from Trade Under Consumer Heterogeneity.'

Full news story. Watch the video:

2015 Award

Published on May 23, 2016

The 2015 Austin Robinson Memorial Prize was awarded jointly to Pedro Gomes (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and Erick Gong (Middlebury College) at the Royal Economic Society's 2016 Conference.

Here, Professor Gong explains his research on how unexpected HIV test results can lead to people having even riskier sexual behaviour.

Here, Dr Gomes explains his research on how governments should set public sector pay to match changes in the private sector.

2014 Award

Fabian Herweg and Daniel Müller

Price Discrimination in Input Markets: Quantity Discounts and Private Information, üvol.124, issue 577, pages 776-804, June 2014 (available free).

2013 Award

Johannes Spinnewijn

Insurance and Perceptions: How to Screen Optimists and Pessimists, vol.123, issue 569, pages 606-633, June 2013 (available free)

Go to the RES YouTube Channel for interviews about other prize winning research.

2012 Award

Wen-Tai Hsu
Central Place Theory and City Size Distribution Volume 122, Issue 563 (available free).

Previous Awards


Guy Michaels
The Long Term Consequences of Resource-Based Specialisation
Vol 121, p31


Manuel Oechslin
Government Revenues and Economic Growth in Weakly Institutionalised States
Vol 120, p631


Simon Luechinger
Valuing Air Quality Using the Life Satisfaction Approach
Vol 119, p482


Elias Papaioannou and Gregorios Siourounis
Democratization and Growth
Vol 118, p1520


Andrew Sweeting
Market Power in the England and Wales Wholesale Electricity Market 1995-2000
Vol 117, p654

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