Letter to the editor: Economics in the Netherlands


I was intrigued to read the two articles on universities in the Netherlands (RES Newsletter July 2012). Fellow members may be interested to know the results of a comparison exercise I undertook a couple of years ago of real resources per student in Higher Education in a number of developed countries. This used specific parities for educational expenditure to compare expenditure per student.

I found that in 2002 the Netherlands spent roughly a quarter more than the United Kingdom and more than half as much again as Germany. See Journal of US-China Public Administration, January 2011, p.102 ‘Table 9: Expenditure per Student on Tertiary Education 2002: Three Alternative Volume Measures’. (All figures in OECD dollars).

Such results are consistent with the anecdotal evidence reported by Professor Arnold.

Yours sincerely,

Donald Roy

From issue no.159, October 2012, p.21

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