Young Economists

The Royal Economic Society organises a number of activities aimed wholly or largely at young economists, i.e., students in the latter stages of their secondary education as part of the Society's aim to promote the study of economics..

The RES Annual Public Lecture, first established in 2001, aims to bring the best communicators in the economics profession into contact with a wide public and to show the importance of top-quality economic research. Aimed principally at sixth form students of Economics but of interest to all, the Annual Public Lectures have become an established part of the senior school calendar. We have built up a library of webcasts of the Public lectures which you can view here.

The Society launched their Young Economist of the Year essay competition in 2007. This prestigious essay writing competition invites students currently studying for A Levels and the International Baccalaureate to write on a major topic of current concern. The winner of the Young Economist of the Year receives £1,000, with runners-up each receiving £500. Results are announced in August each year and prizes presented at the RES Annual Public Lecture.  Our partners in this competition are tutor2u, the UK's leading online educational publisher supporting over 30 million student and teacher visits every year in their featured subjects. They have a great economics blog and ideas for supporting economics teaching - View tutor2u Economics here.

The Society also support financially and works alongside the Economics Network, which provides a wealth of resources for young economists, including the ‘Why Study Economics?’ webpage.
The Economic Review is a magazine now published by the EN and the University of Southampton, designed for A-level Economics students, intended to present a topical and lively coverage of economic policy and issues, expressed in language that will be understood by students with relatively little existing knowledge of economics or its jargon. Read more.

There may be further resources of interest to young economists in the Resources section of the RES website and you may find the following websites of general interest (although the RES does not subscribe or support any of these):

What is Economics? (Information published for schools by the UK Economic Social Science Research Council)

The Economist Magazine – Editor’s Highlights. Useful if you don’t have time to read the Economist. Key sections of the weekly audio edition are read to you (Podcast)
Biz/ed – A general resource for learning economics, listed by topic.
Essentials of Economics – Summaries, online quizes and case studies relating to the textbook “Essentials of Economics”
Economic Policy Debate – Is a US based place for online debates regarding current controversial ideas
Econ Stories – A funny rap video showing the different economic philosophies of Keynes and Hayek
Tim The 99 Best Economics Resources - a wide ranging resources blog from a teaching professional in Economics, Business and Theory of Knowledge.

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