Professional Economists

Professional Economists

The Society has a number of links with professional economists working outside the more narrowly-defined academic community, reflecting key objectives of the Society such as:

  • To disseminate economic knowledge and the results of economic research
  • To encourage the exchange of ideas and the application of the results of economic research
  • To provide resources for economists in the areas of education, research, business, industry, government and public policy

It is the intention of the Society that activities such as the Public Lecture and Policy Lecture series, the PhD Meeting and Job Market, the Annual Conference and the  Economic (EJ) and Econometrics (EctJ)Journal publications will be of interest and benefit to professional economists and others.

Media briefings, online webcasts and other web-based resources are intended to be helpful to a wide range of people working or otherwise interested in a broadly-defined area of economics.

The Royal Economic Society's Women's Committee was established in May 1996 to promote the role of women in the UK economics profession. Members of the committee are drawn from academia, business and the civil service. The role of the committee includes a biennial investigation into the position of women in economics, to seek to improve under-representation of women in economics and to establish networks with particular concern for career entrants.

The Royal Economic Society has good working relations with the Society of Business Economists, is a Council member of the world International Economic Association and welcomes closer partnerships with all associations and societies that share our interests.

Economists and social scientists in the public and private sectors wanting to know how to use microeconometrics and microdata to inform policy making may be interested in currently advertised training courses from the Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (Cemmap).

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