Postgraduate Economists and PhD Students

The Society is trying to build its supports postgraduate students in a variety of ways. These include:

Royal Economic Society Junior Fellowship Scheme

The Society is currently able to offer up to ten one-year junior fellowships, tenable at Universities in the United Kingdom. The amount of the fellowship has been increased in 2013 to £9,500 (£12,500 in London). Read more about the RES Junior Fellowship Scheme.

RES Training Schools

The Royal Economic Society has granted funds to provide ResearchTraining Schools held at UK universities in the Easter break, for many years. These schools are intended primarily for advanced postgraduate students doing doctoral research but are also open to members of the teaching and research staff. Read more about the RES Training Schools.

RES Symposium of Junior Researchers

As part of its efforts to support a strong UK PhD community, the RES has trialled a Symposium of Junior Researchers to take place on the day after the RES Annual Conference in 2015, 2016 and 2017. 

This event is organised by research students for research students and early career researchers, sponsored by The Royal Economic Society. Its objective is to bring together students at all stages of their theses and foster discussion and dissemination of doctoral research in all areas of economics. 

The Symposium takes place following the Annual Conference of the RES so as to maximise networking opportunities. It is our hope to bring together a larger group of researchers than only the presenters, and attendance (up to full capacity) is encouraged for all who are interested, even those who do not present.

The format includes parallel presentation sessions and a poster session, in which young economists will have the opportunity to discuss and disseminate their research. Each presenter will be a discussant for another paper in the same presentation session. There will be an award of £100 for the best paper and the winner will get to present her/his paper in a plenary session at the symposium.

Further information about the Symposium will be available through

RES Postgraduate Meetings and Job Market

This event is targeted at University Economics Departments as well as other recruiters wishing to recruit PhD students, and at PhD students seeking jobs in the UK and Europe. As well as two days of student presentations and plenary sessions, participating institutions have the opportunity to arrange individual appointments with students.  Attendance at these meetings is only open to RES student members.
Read more about the RES PhD Meetings and Job Market

Jobs in Economics

Links to the latest early career jobs in Economics including a live feed from EconomicsJobMarket. Read more about Jobs in Economics.

Conference Grant Scheme

The Society's Conference Grant Fund is available to members who are presenting a paper, or acting as a principal discussant at a conference; support of up to £500 is available. Deadlines for applications are 31 January, 30 May and 30 September.  Read more about the Conference Grant Scheme.

Scholarly Editions & Academic Journals

From its inception the Royal Economic Society has had a commitment to publishing: firstly The Economic Journal and more recently The Econometrics Journal as well as scholarly editions of classic works in economics. Its editions of the works of Ricardo, Malthus, Marshall, Edgeworth, and Keynes set an international standard in these matters. RES members receive 30% discount on all Society scholarly editions and 35% on Wiley books and journals. Check here for further details including offers on all 30 volumes of The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes. 

The Society also supports a website on the history of economic thought, useful for researchers:  'Economists' Papers, 1750-2000; A Guide to Archive and other Manuscript Sources for the History of British and Irish Economic Thought'  which can be accessed here.

Student Membership

Student membership is available to new members only,  who are registered as full-time students. From 2013 there is a discounted online only student rate available for 1 year or 3 years, which we hope will give more choice to post graduate students. All other membership rates are renewable annually and direct debit is available for UK based students.

Other Financial Support from the RES

The Society is able to provide some partial financial support to postgraduate student members attending the RES Annual Conference and members can apply for Small Academic Expenses scheme for unexpected expenditure that you may incur in your studies.

Other forms of RES support for postgraduate economists

There are further resources for postgraduate economists in other sections of the RES website,

  • The Resources section containing sources of economic data, sources of funding for researchers,  job listings and the RES Newsletter, a source of quarterly topical debate and information.
  • The RES YouTube Channel hosts short video interviews and webcasts of RES Lectures from 2012 onwards. Follow @EJ_RES for alerts to new video content.
  • Check what Conferences and other meetings are coming up on the Conference Diary.
  •  Applications are invited from members of the Society for a Special Project grant for the support of activities you may be organising that further the understanding and use of economics, such as seminars or workshops. Your University may also be interested in our Visiting Lecturer Scheme.
  • You might also want to browse the Media/Policy section,  where you can download webcasts and related material in particular the latest research published by the RES journals The Economic Journal and The Econometrics Journal, and find out information about the our free Public Lecture and Policy Lecture series.
  • For those of you with teaching responsibilities, you may be interested in the GTA/New Lecturer workshops and other events available from the Economics Network supported and funded by the RES.
  • Prizes are also awarded by the Society on behalf of The Economic Journal and Econometrics Journal.

Other useful links

Postgraduate economists with teaching responsibilities might find the following sites helpful:

  • The Economics Network provides workshops for GTAs and new lecturers, publications, events, funding opportunities and other resources.

UK & Europe Scholarships at

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