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The Fiscal Effects Of Immigration To The UK by Christian Dustmann and Tommaso Frattini (2014) 

Processing Trade, Tariff Reductions And Firm Productivity: Evidence From Chinese Firms by Miaojie Yu (2015)

The Effect of Education On Criminal Convictions and Incarceration: Causal Evidence from Micro-Data by Randi Hjalmarsson, Helena Holmlund and Matthew J. Lindquist (2014) 

HIV Testing And Risky Sexual Behaviour by Erick Gong (2014)

What Can Wages and Employment Tell Us About The UK's Productivity Puzzle  by Richard Blundell, Claire Crawford and Wenchao Jin (2014) 

Changing identity: Retiring From Unemployment  by Clemens Hetschko, Andreas Knabe, 

Endogenous Growth, Convexity Of Damage And Climate Risk: How Nordhaus' Framework Supports Deep Cuts In Carbon Emissions by Simon Dietz and Nicholas Stern (2015)

Poor Institutions, Rich Mines: Resource Curse In The Origins Of The Sicilian Mafia  by Paolo Buonanno, Ruben Durante and Giovanni Prarolo (2015) 

Estimating Fiscal Multipliers: News From A Non-Linear World by Giovanni Caggiano, Efrem Castelnuovo, Valentina Colombo and Gabriela

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A Theory Of The Allocation Of Time by Gary S. Becker (1965)

Innovation And Learning - The 2 Faces Of R-And-D by Wesley M. Cohen and Daniel A. Levinthal (1989)

Competing Technologies, Increasing Returns, And Lock-In By Historical Events by W. Brian Arthur (1989)
Impure Altruism And Donations To Public-Goods - A Theory Of Warm-Glow Giving by James Andreoni (1990)

Regret Theory - An Alternative Theory Of Rational Choice Under Uncertainty by Graham Loomes and Robert Sugden (1982)

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