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The Fiscal Effects Of Immigration To The UK by Christian Dustmann and Tommaso Frattini (2014) 

Processing Trade, Tariff Reductions And Firm Productivity: Evidence From Chinese Firms by Miaojie Yu (2015)

What Predicts A Successful Life? A Life-Course Model Of Well-Being by Richard Layard, Andrew E. Clark, Francesca Cornaglia, Nattavudh Powdthavee and James Vernoit (2015)

Drought And Civil War In Sub- Saharan Africa by Mathieu Couttenier and Raphael Soubeyran (2014)

Endogenous Growth, Convexity Of Damage And Climate Risk: How Nordhaus' Framework Supports Deep Cuts In Carbon Emissions by Simon Dietz and Nicholas Stern (2015)

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A Theory Of The Allocation Of Time by Gary S. Becker (1965)

Innovation And Learning - The 2 Faces Of R-And-D by Wesley M. Cohen and Daniel A. Levinthal (1989)

Competing Technologies, Increasing Returns, And Lock-In By Historical Events by W. Brian Arthur (1989)
Impure Altruism And Donations To Public-Goods - A Theory Of Warm-Glow Giving by James Andreoni (1990)

Regret Theory - An Alternative Theory Of Rational Choice Under Uncertainty by Graham Loomes and Robert Sugden (1982)

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