2013 Conference Registration

Registering for the Conference

Registration information is available by visiting https://www.eventsforce.net/res2013. Details of the fees for attendance and accommodation are below.

Please note that RES members receive reduced Conference fees. Membership is available at discounted rates with ordinary online membership starting at only £38 and student online only membership at £17. See Membership Benefits and Join here.

Please note:
1. Journalists wishing to attend any part of the conference should contact the RES media consultant Romesh Vaitilingam directly: romesh@vaitilingam.com or 07768-661095
2. Early Bird fees apply up to 23:59 GMT 15th February 2013
3. Registration closes at 18:00 GMT 25th March 2013


RES Members £ Non-members £
Full conference Early-bird registration 260 355
Late registration 350 405
1 day Early-bird registration 110 160
Late registration 155 205
1 day (inc. Gala Dinner) Early-bird registration 150 200
Late registration 195 245



Type Charge per night £
Single en suite 55
Double (single occupancy) en suite 65
Double (double occupancy) en suite 80

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