2012 Conference FAQ

The main RES2012 conference venue is Robinson College. Robinson is situated in Grange Road, close to the centre of Cambridge.

Travelling to the conference - Please see the Travel Information section for detailed instructions.

When at the conference

Arrival orientation and registration - Registration will take place in the Marquee on Front Court at Robinson College. Please proceed to the Marquee once you arrive on-site where you will be given an orientation and conference pack. Please see map (www.robinson.cam.ac.uk/conferences/maps.php) for location.

Information point - Delegates should speak to members of staff manning the reception desk for information or call in at the Porters Lodge (+44 1223 339 100) which is staffed 24/7.

Fire Assembly Points – There is information in your bedroom on the back of the door and you will also be briefed in meeting rooms. There are two main Fire Assembly points – the Front court from where delegates will be directed to the car park of the University Library and the College gardens outside the Garden Restaurant.

First Aid and Emergency Services - Should you require first aid you should go directly to the registration desk at Robinson College or the Porters Lodge where assistance will be summoned. If you are located anywhere else, the UK dialling code for the emergency services is 999 and you can dial from any mobile or landline telephone without charge.

Internet and telephones - Wireless internet can be used throughout Robinson College. There is a network key/password – please collect the flyer at the registration desk.

***Important note about UK Power****

The UK uses 240v power supply, no provision will be made by conference organizers to supply power converters therefore if you are bringing electrical equipment delegates must bring a power plug converter.

FOR THOSE PRESENTING – Please bring any presentation / material you wish to show on a USB stick. Laptops will be provided for presentation purposes

NOTE that Apple Mac presentations will not have support - all presenters are advised to bring their presentations in PDF or POWERPOINT formats.

Banking – All of the High Street banks operate in the City centre – about 10minute walk from Robinson College. Ask at the Porters Lodge for a walking map.

Convenience stores and supermarket – the nearest shops are in the City centre – about 10 minute walk from Robinson College. Ask at the Porters Lodge for a walking map.

TAXIS - Panther Taxis +44 1223 715715 CAMCAB +44 1223 704704

Also see: http://www.cam.ac.uk/local/travel/taxis.html

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