2011 Conference Financial Support

Financial Assistance for Postgraduate Students attending RES2011

All PhD students who are members of the RES (regardless of their nationality) can apply to the Royal Economic Society for financial assistance. There are two forms of assistance available.

The RES Conference Grant scheme is available to any members who are presenting a paper, or acting as a principal discussant at a conference; support of up to £500 is available. Awards are made three times a year. The closing dates for applications are 31 January, 31 May, and 30 September each year in respect of conferences which take place in the ensuing four months.The closing dates are strict and application forms should be completed, including a statement from your Head of Department and sent to the Conference Grant Scheme Administrator. Full details of the criteria applied, including application forms can be found on the RES website.

The second form of assistance is applicable to all PhD Students who are members of the RES (regardless of nationality) and not in full time employment, who can apply to the Royal Economic Society to have their conference fee refunded as well as their accommodation and travel expenses covered. This application should be made AFTER the Conference via an online claim form which will be available on this page immediately after the conference. As well as the online claim form, applicants will be required to supply original receipts to support their claim. The deadline for claims will be 30 April 2011 and claims will then be settled as soon as possible, though this may run into June. A fixed budget will be allocated between all applicants to this scheme and therefore an applicant cannot be guaranteed to have all their expenses covered for certain, but the RES is usually able to cover the majority of claims made. For further details on eligibility please go to this PDF document.

Postgraduate Claim Form

The deadline for claims has now passed.

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