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General Session Programme (updated 22 March 2010)

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Monday 29th March 2010 17:45 – 19:15

Special Session A2

The State of Macroeconomics – Policy

Organizer: Simon Price, Bank of England

Chair: Spencer Dale, Bank of England


"The State of Macroeconomics - Policy" Spencer Dale (Bank of England)

"Macromodels at Central Banks: Quo Vadis?" Frank Smets (ECB)

"Challenges for Policymakers" Athanasios Orphanides (Central Bank of Cyprus)

Interview with Claudio Borio 15 April 2010
"Claudio Borio of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) talks to Romesh Vaitilingam about where the pre-crisis consensus on monetary policy-making went wrong; the implementation, effectiveness and costs of 'unconventional monetary policy-making' in response to the crisis; the idea that it is no longer 'better to clean than to lean'; and the research agenda for macroeconomics. The interview, which was recorded in April 2010, represents Claudio Borio's personal views and does not necessarily reflect those of the BIS."

Tuesday 30th March 2010 13:00 – 14:30

Special Session B2

The State of Macroeconomics – Asset Price Volatility

Organizer: Albert Marcet, London School of Economics


“The Macroeconomy, Long Run Risks, and Asset Prices” Ravi Bansal (Duke University)

“Booms and Busts in Asset Prices under Learning" Klaus Adam (Mannheim)

“Young, Old, Conservative and Bold: The Implications of Heterogeneity and Finite Lives for Asset Pricing” Stavros Panageas (Chicago)

Special Session Presentations available

Special Sessions A

A1: Labour Market Dynamics

Organizer: Jennifer Smith, University of Warwick


“Disciplined Estimates of Gross Flows among Labour Market States” Mike Elsby (Michigan)

"Employer Performance and Employer Size over the Business Cycle" Fabien Postel-Vinay (Bristol) (joint with Giuseppe Moscarini, Yale University)

“The Ins and Outs of UK Unemployment” Jennifer Smith (Warwick)

“Measuring What Employers Really Do about Entry Wages over the Business Cycle” Gary Solon (Michigan) (joint with Pedro Martins, Queen Mary London University, and Jonathan Thomas, University of Edinburgh)

Special Sessions B

B1: The Econometrics Journal Special Session on Econometrics of Inequality

Organizer: Richard Smith, University of Cambridge

Discussant: Christian Schluter, University of Southampton


“Incorporating Covariates in the Empirical Analysis of Welfare and Inequality: Methods and Applications" Stephen Donald (University of Texas)

“Statistical Inference in the Presence of Heavy Tails” Russell Davidson (McGill University)

B3: The Effects of the Financial Crisis on Households

Organizer: Thomas Crossley, University of Cambridge


"The Effect of the Financial Crisis on Older Households in England" James Banks (UCL and IFS), Carl Emmerson (IFS) and Rowena Crawford (IFS) [ slides available Part 1] [slides available Part 2]

"The Finances of American Households in the Past Three Recessions" David Love (Williams College), Kevin Moore (Federal Reserve Board), Michael Palumbo (Federal Reserve Board) and Paul Smith (Federal Reserve Board)

"What Can a Life-Cycle Model Tell Us About Household Responses to the Financial Crisis?" Sule Alan (Cambridge), Thomas Crossley (Cambridge) and Hamish Low (Cambridge and IFS)

B4: Economic Journal Special Session: The Economics of Criminal Behaviour

Organizer: Steve Machin, University College London


"Economical Crime Control" Philip Cook (Duke)

"The Crime Reducing Effect of Education" Steve Machin (UCL), Olivier Marie (Maastrict) and Suncica Vujic

"Does Regulation of Built-in Security Reduce Crime? Evidence From a Regression Discontinuity Approach" Ben Vollaard (Tilburg) and Jan van Ours (Tilburg)

Tuesday 30th March (14.45 – 16.15)

Special Sessions C (Sessions C1 – C4)

C1: Heterogeneity: Hate It or Loathe It, You Can’t Ignore It

Organizer: Martin Browning, Oxford University


"Consumption With Heterogeneous Income Processes and Heterogeneous Preferences" Sule Alan (Cambridge)

“How Many Types Are There?” Ian Crawford (Oxford)

“Dynamic Binary Outcome Models With Maximal Heterogeneity” Martin Browning (Oxford)

C2: The Crisis and the Developing Countries

Organizer: Nauro Campos (Brunel University)

Discussant: Fabrizio Coricelli (Paris School of Economics)


"The Implications of The 2007/09 Crisis for Labour Migration" Alan Winters (DFID and University of Sussex)

"Privatization and Corporate Governance before andafter the 2007/2009 Crisis: Lessons from Developing and Transition Countries " Saul Estrin (London School of Economics)

"An Examination of the Consequences of The 2007/09 Crisis for Financial Development in Developing Countries" Thorsten Beck (Tilburg University)

C3: The Economic Journal Special Session: Search and the Internet

Organizer: Heski Bar-Isaac, NYU Stern


"Competing for Attention" Jose-Luis Moraga-Gonzales (Tinbergen) (joint with Marco Haan)

“Testing Models of Consumer Search Using Data on Web Browsing and Purchasing Behavior” Babur De Los Santos (joint with Ali Hortacsu (Chicago) and Matthijs R. Wildenbeest)

“Conditioning Prices on Search History” Mark Armstrong (UCL) (joint with Jidou Zhou)

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