2010 Annual Public Lecture

Does Management Matter?

The RES 2010 Public Lecture took place on 2 December at the Royal Institution, London and 3rd December at the University of Manchester. Professor John Van Reenen of the London School of Economics presented the subject "Does Management Matter?" Among the conclusions of Professor Van Reenen was the argument that the coalition government's current focus on macroeconomic policy is taking attention away from essential microeconomic reforms to help restore growth. The lecture drew on a large body of research on the impact of management practices on firm performance and national productivity growth, which has collected and analysed data on firms across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Professor Van Reenen suggested that in particular, we need a way forward built on improving the UK's managerial capacity - especially in manufacturing. He argued that key ways of raising productivity growth by improving management include increasing education and skills (at both the high and low end of the skill distribution); promoting competition and innovation; and tax reform that gets rid of the distortions that promote inefficient family-run firms.

The presentation from the lecture and video footage are now available below

Presentation Slides

Professor Van Reenen, LSE

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