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The 2009 Annual Conference of the Royal Economic Society will be held at the University of Surrey from Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd April, 2009.

CONFERENCE PROGRAMME NOW AVAILABLE (Programme updated Wednesday 15th April, 2009)




Keynote Lectures will be given by:

David Laibson (Harvard) “The Financial Crisis of 2008” slides now available here

Pinelopi K. Goldberg (Princeton) “Trade and Growth: What Can We Learn from Micro Data?” slides now available here

Gilles Saint-Paul (Toulouse, Birkbeck) "Endogenous Indoctrination" slides now available here

John Vickers (Oxford: Presidential Address) "Competition Policy and Property Rights" slides now available here working paper now available here

In addition to general sessions covering all areas of economics the conference will include a range of special sessions on frontier areas of economic research and on the application of economics to key areas of policy making. Key researchers and policy makers from around the world are being assembled to take part in these special sessions. The sessions this year will include the following topics:

“Experimental and Non-Experimental Approaches to Development Policy” (Richard Blundell (UCL), Esther Duflo (MIT), Mark Rosenzweig (Yale), Orazio Attanasio (UCL));

“Confronting Climate Change” (Michael Greenstone (MIT), Nicholas Stern (LSE));

“What Have We Learned About Growth?” (Chang-Tai Hsieh (Chicago));

“Factor Models: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives” (Richard Smith (Cambridge), Serena Ng (Columbia), Lucrezia Reichlin (LBS), Hashem Pesaran (Cambridge));

“The Political Economy of Conflict and Terror” (Nauro F. Campos (Brunel), Antonio Ciccone (UPF), Eric Neumayer (LSE)),

“Neuroeconomics” (Steve Pischke (LSE), Rosemarie Nagel (UPF), Camelia M. Kuhnen (Northwestern), Armin Falk (Bonn));

“Recent Developments in Fiscal Policy Analysis” (Morten Ravn (EUI), Roberto Perotti (Bocconi), Jonas Fisher (Chicago Fed));

“The New Economics of Management Practices” (Nick Bloom (Stanford), Jonathan Haskel (Imperial), Carol Propper (Bristol) Ralf Martin (LSE), Giuliana Battisti (Nottingham));

“Incentives and Volatility in Highly-Leveraged Economies” (John Driffill (Birkbeck), Marcus Miller (Warwick), Alex Michaelides (LSE), Martin Weale (NIESR));

“House Price Volatility and Household Behaviour in the UK and the US” (Richard Disney (Nottingham) John Gathergood (Nottingham), James Banks (UCL), Sergi Jimenez-Martin (Pompeu Fabra));

“Ten Years of the National Minimum Wage” (Richard Dickens (Sussex), Joanna Swaffield (York), Stephen Machin (UCL), Alan Manning (LSE), Rebecca Riley (NIESR), John Forth (NIESR), Peter Dolton (Royal Holloway), Jonathan Wadsworth (Royal Holloway));

“Higher Education Access, Finance, and Returns” (Claire Crawford (IFS), Lorraine Dearden (IFS), Anna Vignoles (LSE), Gill Wyness (IOE), Sarah McNally (LSE), Robin Naylor (Warwick), Nick Barr (LSE), Ian Walker (Lancaster)).

The Programme Chair is Robin Burgess (LSE) and the Deputy Programme Chair is Henrik Kleven (LSE): both are contactable at res2009papers@lse.ac.uk.

The Local Organiser is Jo Evans (Surrey): res2009@surrey.ac.uk.

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