2009 Conference Accepted Authors

To authors with accepted papers in the RES2009 Conference:

If you did not confirm the inclusion of your paper by Friday 23 January, 2009 we have treated your paper as withdrawn from the conference. A copy of the conference programme is now available.

Authors who have confirmed the inclusion of their paper http://editorialexpress.com/conference/res2009 also needed to register for the conference ONLINE. ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED (please contact res2009@surrey.ac.uk with any questions).

Sessions and Presentations

All rooms will have a laptop and computer projection facilities, therefore each presenter is asked to bring their presentation material on a flash drive (and also to bring acetates as a backup). In each room the laptop will have the Microsoft Office suite of programmes plus a pdf reader.

General sessions will be 90 minutes in length, with three speakers per session. Each speaker is expected to restrict their presentation to between 20 and 25 minutes following which there will be 5 -10 minutes for questions and answers.

Conference Volume of the Economic Journal

As an author of an accepted and included paper, you may choose to submit your paper for consideration for publication in the conference volume of the Economic Journal. The submission deadline is Friday 27 February 2009. Final decisions will be made by September 2009 at the latest. Note that only papers that are actually presented at the conference will be eligible for publication. Further details on submission can be found here.

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