2008 Conference Call for Special Session Proposals

Submissions are now closed.

The RES conference committee invites proposals for special sessions to be considered for inclusion in the RES2008 conference programme.

If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration, you should prepare a single-page document that indicates the theme, papers, speakers and discussant(s). Speakers should have provisionally confirmed their willingness to participate, and a good proposal would usually include a 100-word abstract for each paper.

Proposals are most likely to be successful when a session is likely to appeal to a wide audience, and draws on the latest research. Special sessions may often be on policy topics or applied research, but this is not a requirement, and proposals are invited across the whole range of economics.

We are keen to support high quality special sessions, and we are able to offer some financial support for travel costs of session participants. If, for example, an organizer was able to attract from abroad a speaker who would otherwise be unlikely to attend the Conference, then this would qualify for consideration for some support towards travel costs. It is envisaged that a figure of about £500 might be available for such expenditure by a session organizer, but availability will depend on how many session organizers make calls on the overall budget. Where a session is likely to call on these funds, please provide an estimate of travel costs in the proposal.

The duration of special sessions is likely to be the same as in previous years, namely one hour 30 minutes. To some extent, the allocation of this time is up to the special session organizer. The usual format would be to have three speakers, each giving a 20 minute presentation followed by ten minutes of discussion.

Proposals should be submitted as a PDF to respapers-2008@bristol.ac.uk by Friday 26 October 2007. The proposals will then be considered by a subpanel of the conference committee.

Jonathan Temple

Programme chair, RES2008

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