2007 Conference Fees

We are in the process of setting-up online registration. Registration will open early in 2007 with a deadline of around early/mid-March. Note that there will be a late registration penalty.

The conference programme begins as usual at 13h30 on the first day of the conference. However, unlike in previous years delegates are invited to a buffet lunch in the main conference complex from 12h00: we look forward to seeing you there!

Package Code Description RES Members Non-RES Members
1 3 day conference (residential) £330 £380
2 3 day conference (non-residence with dinner) £235 £290
3 3 day conference (non-residence without dinner) £195 £250
4 1 day conference (non-residence with dinner) £130 £160
5 1 day conference (non-residence without dinner) £115 £145
6 1 day conference (residential with dinner) £180 £210

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