2007 Annual Public Lecture

Climate Change, Ethics and the Economics of the Global Deal

Lord Stern delivered the Society's 2007 Annual Public Lecture in Manchester on 29 November and London on 30 November.

Global climate change poses a grave long-term threat to the economies and societies of the world. Early and well-structured action can greatly reduce the risks at reasonable cost. But taking such action is urgent and it has to be global. The lecture describes the key elements of a global deal which embodies efficient and equitable international collaboration and how that deal can be built.

Part 1 (14 mins 49 sec, 31.9MB)

Part 2 (13 mins 49 sec, 31.4MB)

Part 3 (14 mins 48 sec, 33.6MB)

Part 4 (21 mins 36 sec, 49.8MB)

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