2018 Conference Plenary

The View on Brexit from Abroad: New Opportunities or Damage Control?

March 27, 2018 11:00 to 12:30
Jubilee Large Lecture Theatre

Michael C. Burda, Humboldt University Berlin
Robert W. Staiger, Dartmouth College
Alan Winters, University of Sussex
Meredith Crowley, University of Cambridge

Nearly two years on from the referendum to leave the European Union, a great deal of uncertainty still prevails as to the UK’s future trade relationships post-Brexit. At this point in time, the UK and the EU are just about to enter into the phase of substantive negotiations. The principal nature and scope of their trade relationship is supposed to emerge over the course of the coming months. Whilst most economists have taken the view that exiting the EU and the Single Market would most likely be detrimental to Britain’s growth and prosperity, now is a pertinent time for the economics profession to assess the options.

The ability to pursue trade deals independently with other countries is considered as one of the major prizes of exiting the EU. Therefore, the debate should be informed by ‘the view on Brexit from abroad’, as negotiations with the EU and other major economies, respectively, are interdependent. Michael Burda (Humboldt University) and Robert Staiger (Dartmouth) will present views from Germany/Europe and North America, respectively. We will hear responses from Alan Winters (Sussex) and Meredith Crowley (Cambridge). Taking Brexit as given, what are the pros and cons of potential outcomes ranging from “hard” to “soft” Brexit? How can the process be shaped constructively, against the backdrop of transitional arrangements that are themselves not yet worked out?

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