2018 Conference Financial Assistance

In order to help you to attend the conference if you are a postgraduate student, the RES will offer financial support for registered postgraduate students not in full-time employment, or for students who have completed their PhD but are not yet in full-time employment. The level of support provided depends on whether you are presenting a paper or not.

1. For those presenting a paper

You are eligible for financial support but only if you are a member (or are currently applying to become a member) of the Royal Economic Society. If you are not a member, please click here to join. There is a reduced membership rate for students.

The financial assistance rules, for members of RES, are as follows:

You pay the conference registration. We will refund you the cost of Early Bird registration for RES members.

We will refund up to three nights’ accommodation, up to a maximum of £200 in total (and a maximum of £80 per night).

UK Travel only: We will reimburse RES members a 2nd class, off-peak advance purchase return rail fare, or its equivalent, within the UK up to £100. Please try to book your tickets well in advance to qualify for a discount. If it is cheaper to fly then please do so. The cheaper the fare you can obtain the more financial support the RES can provide for others.

How to claim

Please download the claims form. You have until 28 April 2018 to submit your claim. Please keep hold of all receipts as you will need to submit these as part of your claim. It will not be possible to reimburse an item of expenditure with an accompanying receipt.

Please also complete the RES Conference feedback survey before you submit your claim.

2. For those NOT presenting a paper

(a) If you are registered at a UK University, we shall be making partial funding available for a number of PhD students (who are RES members) who are NOT presenting papers at the RES Conference at Sussex but who wish to attend the conference.

For qualifying PhD students, the RES will cover the cost of full registration (minus £10), which includes all sessions, the Monday evening reception at the Brighton’s i360, and the Tuesday Gala Dinner at The Grand.

Accommodation and Travel
The RES will not cover travel or accommodation expenses – the expectation is that eligible PhD students will be funded by their department or bear these costs themselves.

In order to register for the RES 2018 Annual Conference under this scheme, a PhD student must satisfy all of the following:

1. Be registered in, or beyond, the second year (FTE) of a PhD, in a UK-based Economics department/unit. (This may include the second year of an MRes, or equivalent stage of PhD training.)
2. Not be not presenting a paper at the RES Annual Conference 2018
3. Be a member of the RES. If you are not a member, follow the links at http://www.res.org.uk/view/membership.html. There is a reduced membership rate for students.
4. Be recommended by their Department to participate in the scheme, and have acquired a ‘PhD £10 scheme’ registration number.

Practical requirements

If you are not presenting a paper, are in the second year of a UK-based PhD in Economics, or beyond, are a member of the RES, and are interested in attending the conference under this scheme, then please contact the PhD Director or Head of Department at your institution. (They have been sent details of this scheme. Should your department wish to support you for the scheme then they should send your full name and email address to Conference2018@res.org.uk, putting ‘PhD £10 scheme’ as the subject line in the email. The Conference organisers will then supply qualifying students with a ‘PhD £10 scheme’ registration number and instructions on how to register, subject to capacity.

As the scheme is only open to members of the Royal Economic Society, you should become a member via http://www.res.org.uk/view/membership.html, or by telephone on 01865 778171. Please note it can take up to 52 hours for the new membership number to be provided once payment has been received. If unsure whether they you have a current membership, please contact the number provided above.

Students will need to provide their RES membership number and the ‘PhD £10 scheme’ registration number in order to register under this scheme. Registrations that do not match the list of supported students provided by PhD Directors/Heads of Department will be voided.

(b) If you are registered at a university outside the UK, an RES member, and are NOT presenting a paper, you may apply for support under the scheme described in Section 1 above. The availability (and level) of any such support will depend on whether funds remain after reimbursement of students presenting papers.
Please feel free to contact the RES Conference Secretary (Neil Rickman) at the address below if you require further information.

Neil Rickman
RES Conference Secretary

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