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The 2014 Annual Conference of the Royal Economic Society was held at The University of Manchester from Mon 7th April to Wed 9th April 2014.

Information for Delegates

Useful information for delegates is available through the links on the left-hand side of this page. This includes: a page of General Information providing delegates with all they need to know about attending the Conference; thoughts on places to visit while in Machester written by members of the University's Economics department; and details of Exhibitors.

Thanks to its crucial role in the Industrial Revolution, the city of Manchester has been called the world’s first modern city. It was at the heart of industrialisation of the textile industry but also played host to Friedrich Engels during his formative years; as such, it can lay claim to having influenced the roots of capitalism and communism! The city has undergone numerous social and economic changes since then and continues to enjoy a central role in British cultural life, hosting numerous museums, art galleries, theatres and, of course, football clubs. It also offers a unique geographical position, perched between the Lake District in the North, and Peak District in the East and Wales to the West. For all these reasons, it is easily reached by air (Manchester Airport is a short distance away and offers direct access to European and other international flights), and by direct trains from around the country (including London).

The University of Manchester can be traced back to 1824 and has hosted 25 Nobel Laureates, including three in Economics (Arthur Lewis, John Hicks and Joseph Stiglitz). It is located in the centre of the City, offering excellent access to accommodation, dining and cultural activities.

Keynote Speakers

David Autor (MIT)  delivered the EJ lecture; Watch here
Sendhil Mullainathan (Harvard) delivered the Hahn lecture; Watch here
Hélène Rey (LBS)  delivered the Sargan lecture. Watch here

All keynote sessions were streamed live - you can now watch these and other Conference sessions here on your own device.

List of all Sessions

Submission to the Economic Journal Conference Volume

Authors of papers accepted for presentation at the RES Conference can submit their papers for possible publication in the Conference issue of the Economic Journal. The deadline for submissions is 28 April 2014.

The Conference issue is edited to the same standards as regular issues of the Economic Journal. Promising papers not ready for publication in the Conference issue may be invited to resubmit to the regular journal. If have any questions about submitting your paper, please contact the Publishing Editor, Stephanie Seavers, at ej@ifs.org.uk.

Social Events

Monday evening reception was held at the National Football Museum. Drinks, canapes and interactive fun for everyone (not just football fans).

Tuesday evening reception and conference dinner at the Palace Hotel, one of Manchester's iconic Victorian landmark buildings.


The 2014 Programme Chair was Oriana Bandiera (LSE, Res.Conference.2014@lse.ac.uk) and the Deputy Programme Chair was Ethan Ilzetzki (LSE); the Local Organiser was Denise Osborn (Manchester) who can be contacted at RES2014@manchester.ac.uk.

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