Call for Papers

The Programme Committee invited submissions of papers for General and Special Sessions from academic, government and business economists in any field of economics and econometrics. Any queries should be made to

Authors of papers accepted for presentation at the RES Conference will be entitled to submit their papers for possible publication in the Conference issue of the Economic Journal. The Conference issue is edited to the same standards as regular issues of the Economic Journal and is published as part of the regular May issue in 2014. The submission deadline for the 2013 EJ Conference Volume is Monday 22nd April 2013. Further details

Promising papers not ready for publication in the Conference issue may be invited to resubmit for a later Economic Journal issue using the same referees and reports from the Conference issue.

The Programme Chair is Imran Rasul (UCL), the Deputy Programme Chair is Paolo Surico (LBS), and the local coordinator is Philip Neary (RHUL) - contact

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