October RES Newsletter now online

  • Published Date: 19 October 2016

The October issue of the Society’s Newsletter is now available online (

A major theme amongst the contributions is the way in which economists’ judgements are treated by the public and the media. This was raised in the July Newsletter by Simon-Wren Lewis and this issue has a response to his remarks and also a summary of a major survey, carried out by the Centre for Macroeconomics, of economists’ own view of the problem. The Society has recently complained to the BBC about its coverage of the economic aspects of the referendum debate in June. This too is reported.

Amongst other items, there is an interesting feature by Stefano Ugolini on what history can teach us about the limits to monetary policy  and an article by Alexandra Heimisch, Oliver Falck, and Simon Wiederhold at the Ifo in Munich on the ability of digital skills to boost earnings.

Other items include Angus Deaton’s encounter with the bureaucracy of retirement, told in his Letter from America, and evidence of a gender-based pay gap at LSE written by Oriana Bandeira.

The late Keith Cowling and Marcello de Cecco are remembered in obituaries.

The RES Newsletter is first and foremost a vehicle for the dissemination of news and comment of interest to its readers. It is published quarterly in January, April, July and October and contributions from all readers are always warmly welcomed. We are particularly interested to receive letters, reports of conferences and meetings, and news of major research projects as well as comment on recent events. Please send your contribution or comments to Professor Peter Howells, RES Newletter Editor at

Source: Amanda Wilman, RES Office

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