Coverage of the RES Conference 2016 - watch online

  • Published Date: 08 April 2016

2016 Conference footage is available now including plenary sessions on Brexit and Minimum Wages:

Brexit?: On 23 June, the British public will vote on whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union. This session brings together expert economists from the UK, Europe and the US to debate the potential costs and benefits of Britain leaving the EU - so-called ‘Brexit’. The panelists discuss the implications for the macroeconomy, monetary and fiscal policy, labour markets, migration and trade flows under a range of potential scenarios both inside and outside the EU. Watch the Brexit session here

Minimum Wages: In this session, Princeton economist and former US presidential adviser Alan Krueger takes us through the past 30 years of minimum wage research to understand how academic and political views have shifted. Responses are given by Sir Richard Blundell and Professors Arindrajit Dube and Stephen Machin on recent increases in the US and the UK and the issue of how minimum wages interact with in-work benefit.
Watch the Minimum Wage plenary here

Click here for the latest video coverage of the RES Conference 2016 Programme highlights include Keynote Lectures by the French development economist Esther Duflo of the Poverty Action Lab and Kristin Forbes, a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee

The RES YouTube Channel also hosts short video interviews on the latest economics research presented at RES Conferences and webcasts of RES Annual Lectures from 2012 onwards.

Source: RES Office, Amanda Wilman

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