Nominations open for RES Council 2017-2022

  • Published Date: 03 March 2016

Society members are now invited to propose names for vacancies on Council for the period March/April 2017-2022.  Any member of the Society who would like to make a nomination may email the Secretary General before 18 April 2016 to In addition to the nominee name(s) and a note from them expressing their interest, there should be either a brief CV or a link to one to assist the Nominating Committee as well as the proposing member's membership number.


1. The proposals are considered by the Council’s Nominating Committee which now meets twice yearly, once to nominate names for President and once to consider names for Council. Other names may be added to those already proposed by members. The Nominating Committee draws up a list of at least twice the number of vacancies.

2. The Nominating Committee consists of five members appointed by Council, plus the President ex-officio.

3. The Nominating Committee are asked to bear in mind the need to have on Council economists in different occupations and fields and based in different locations.

4. The recommendations of the Nominating Committee are passed to Council for consideration. The Council then approves the final list of names to go to a ballot of members. This list is notified to the Executive Committee (trustees). The list of potential nominees are invited to take part in the election by providing a short biography.

5. A ballot of all members of the Society takes place with a short biography of each nominee and a voting form which are to be returned to the offices of the Society before the Annual General meeting each year. Elections are held online using an emailed survey,  but postal ballots are currently sent to those members without registered email.

6. The results of the elections are reported to Council for adoption before presentation to the Annual General Meeting. Council members elected in the Council Election will serve from the following AGM for a period of 5 years.

Election of President. The next President of the Royal Economic Society is chosen by the elected members of the RES Council, after a nominations process in which all members are invited to make recommendations.

All members are invited to recommend possible candidates for nomination as President-elect of the Society from 2017-2018  to be considered by the Nominations Committee in the autumn.  If you require further information, please contact the RES Office (

Source: Secretary General, RES

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