2013 Young Economist of the Year essay competition now launched.

  • Published Date: 28 January 2013

 2013 Young Economist of the Year essay competition is now launched.

Students from any country in the world studying on an A Level or IB course are invited to write an essay of between 1,000 to 2,500 words on one of the topics below calling on key elements of their study, examples from the world around them and imaginative discussion. Then upload your essay to our partners Tutor2U using the form on the following link : YE 2013 application form
Deadline for applications is Monday 24th June 2013(12.00 GMT).

The essay topics for this year's competition are:

  1. Does the international mobility of talent make it impossible to tax the rich?
  2. Should the experience of China silence those who think that democracy is good for growth?
  3. Is the UK banking system too concentrated?
  4. Should Universities embrace market forces in deciding what to teach and how?
  5. Should those who object to Heathrow expansion be ``bought off’’ at taxpayer expense?
  6. Must “quantitative easing” end in inflation?

Applications will be acknowledged by Tutor2U with results to be announced by the Royal Economic Society at the end of the summer.

Any queries on the essays should be addressed to Tutor2U or general queries to the RES office administrator, Amanda Wilman on

More details on the Young Economist of the Year essay competition with previous winning essays here.

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