Annual General Meeting 2017

  • Published Date: 09 December 2016

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held during the RES Conference at the University of Bristol on Tuesday 11th April at 12.30. All members of the RES are cordially invited to attend. Registration for the Conference is not required. It is anticipated that the meeting will be held in Room 2D1, Social Science Complex, 12 Priory Road, Bristol BS8. Notice of the meeting, including confirmation of the location and business, will be published on the website nearer the time and sent to all members at least 10 days prior to the meeting. If there are any matters of business that a member wishes to raise, please write to the Secretary-General by email to, or write to Office of the Secretary General, Royal Economic Society, Bute Building, Westburn Lane, St Andrews, KY16 9TS.

Matters of business must be raised by 21st March 2017.

Read more about the Annual General Meeting and the governance of the Society here.

Source: RES Office, Amanda Wilman

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