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Edmond Malinvaud: A Tribute to his Contributions in Econometrics

  • Published Date: 02 June 2015

Peter C. B. Phillips (Yale University, University of Auckland,
University of Southampton and Singapore Management University) has prepared a tribute to the work of Edmond Malinvaud which is now online.

This tribute builds on the author’s (2015) obituary: ”Memorial to Edmond Malinvaud” which states: “Malinvaud stands as one of the enduring figures of 20th century economics. His passing is a sad and permanent loss to the French academy, to the profession at large, and to the world of econometrics where he reinstated in our discipline the rigor of the Cowles Commission researchers of the 1940s and delivered a unified thematic for the field that echoed the genius of Ragnar Frisch”

To read the tribute in full please click on:

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